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On-Call Services

Relatives Response Service

Response Consultants offers an on-call relatives response service. Our fully trained, experienced team of relatives responders can mobilise to either the client’s office or our premises, to receive calls from concerned relatives and friends, and call back with updates.

Our service includes a Relatives Response Coordinator, who is on-call 24/7/365, a pool of responders, of which 2-6 would be mobilised, and a relatives response room, if required.

The Coordinators and responders regularly receive refresher training and take part in visits to client offices and planned exercises (i.e. the relatives responders are also the relatives role-players). All of the Coordinators and most of the responders have also responded to real incidents, and some of them have been with the company since it was formed.

Evacuation Reception Centre Team Leaders

Response Consultants can offer Evacuation Reception Centre Team Leaders.  This is something we have many years of knowledge with, and have provided extensive experience at real events and during training courses.

We have our own specially developed ‘grab bags’ ready to go at a moments notice, as well as a designated pool of trained personnel, and agreements with hotels, etc.  We also have our own tried and tested Evacuation Reception Forms (Copyright protected).

Evacuation Reception Cash Delivery Service

With hotels now keeping a small amount of petty cash on-site, it became apparent (during an evacuation reception centre we attended) that cash for evacuees was in short supply.  Therefore, we have provided a solution.

We can deliver an agreed amount of cash to the client’s office, or the reception centre, to provide to the evacuees, if required.

Crisis Management Team Advisor

In the event a company’s crisis management team is mobilised, it is not unusual for them to require some assistance, especially for the first 24 hours.  Response Consultants can provide an advisor to assist.


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