Our consultants each have at least 20 years of emergency response experience in the energy industries, as well as many other sectors

Claire Forbes, Managing Consultant

Claire Forbes, Managing Consultant
Claire joined the company full-time in 2004 having graduated from the University of Aberdeen with an MA in Entrepreneurship, and Claire furthered her academic qualifications when she graduated from Robert Gordons University in 2016 with an LLB in Law. Claire presents all of our training courses and exercises in emergency response and crisis management, both locally and internationally.

Mike Forbes, Consultant

Mike Forbes, Consultant
Mike has many years of experience of all aspects of emergency response in the oil and gas industry, both offshore and onshore, working closely with many of the North Sea operators, emergency services, medical and helicopter contractors.

Our Consultants have extensive offshore experience, are trained to UKCS Onshore Emergency Responder (OPEP 3), and at least ICS 100, 200, 300 and 400 certified.

As well as the above personnel, Response Consultants provide the following resources, as required, to participate in emergency response exercises and training courses:

Organisation Role Players
Response Consultants has a pool of role-players who simulate the role of non-participating organisations in exercises. These role-players have a wealth of experience of working in the oil and gas industry but have different skills including coastguard, police, production, drilling, marine, safety, personnel and logistics.

Relatives Role Players
Response Consultants has its own team of relatives role players to generate telephone enquiries from concerned next of kin during exercises and training courses. Most of the team have over ten years experience of regularly participating in clients training courses and exercises. The team also provide an on-call relatives response service for selected clients.

Media Role Players
Response Consultants utilise freelance journalists in training courses and exercises to simulate telephone enquiries from the media, conduct doorstep interviews and attend press conferences.

Casualties and Evacuees
Response Consultants have a pool of personnel who have experience in simulating casualties and personnel evacuated from offshore in major exercises and evacuation reception training courses.

We provide a range of on call services tailor made to our clients requirements

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