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Happy Holidays!

Wishing all our clients, colleagues, friends and connections a safe and Merry Christmas, and best wishes for 2022!

Our office will be closed from 4.30pm Thursday 23 December until Wednesday 4 January 2022. Telephone calls are not being diverted, but you may leave a voicemail for our return. Emails may be checked sporadically.

As always, our on-call services will be available 24 hours a day, every day to clients we support on the contact details provided.



Mental Health Week 2020 marks the launch of a new on-call service provided by Response Consultants.  Counsellors can be deployed to emergency locations, or made available for support services, during and after emergencies or traumatic events.

Our network of counsellors can also be made available for non-emergent services.

Contact us for more information on our new service on 01224 595111 or

COVID-19 Response – Online Training Courses

As part of our response to Covid-19, Response Consultants can now provide all of our training courses via online training software.

We have chosen software that only we are required to download, ensuring the client and all attendees can access the training via the internet, and no download is required.

The training can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, and is managed through a link provided in an email sent to participants.  Any handouts or booklets required for the training course will be sent via email prior to the start of the course.

There is no additional cost to the customer for this training.


New for 2020!!! – Response Consultants Launch suite of Incident Command System (ICS) Training Courses

Many of our clients have transitioned away from their tried and tested emergency response approach to the mostly north American but globally used Incident Command System (ICS). Response Consultants has worked closely with our clients, from development through to implementation, ensuring the traditional ICS model could be adapted for North Sea legislation.

Following years of training in ICS North Sea models we decided it was time to get back to basics and learn the traditional ICS structure and thus began our Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training. This would allow us to better advise our clients and have a wider base of experience.

Our extensive training from FEMA and the North Sea has given us a unique perspective on how to approach our ICS training courses, not focusing solely on oil spill. Throughout the design phase, our commitment to our core valves to delivering a personalised and flexible service to our clients was very much at the forefront.

For more information contact or telephone us on +44 1224 595111


January 2020 – We’re Celebrating 25 Years!!!

On January 27 1995, Mike Forbes sat at his desk in his new office for the first time.  Little did he know that 25 years later, he would be semi-retired, his daughter would be running the Company, would have conducted business in almost 20 countries in 5 continents, would have worked with over 100 companies/organisations in the oil and gas, renewables, marine, printing, voluntary and other industries and responded to countless emergencies.

As Response Consultants celebrates its 25th anniversary this month, Mike and Claire look back over the years and share some of their highs and lows.

Mike, founder of Response Consultants, said: “It was hard work in the first year to get the business established within the local oil & gas community but we succeeded and the first few years were exciting.  Later, when the business continued to expand, we recruited more staff and moved from rented accommodation to our own office in 2002 and then in 2011, we moved to our current office in Holburn Street.  It was also enjoyable seeing our reputation grow overseas and international business soon became a significant part of our turnover”.

Claire, Managing Director of Response Consultants said: “One of the best things about this job is working with, and supporting our clients, whilst responding to emergencies.  It sounds strange, as nobody wants an emergency.  But being able to help our clients, their personnel and families, and put everything I’ve learnt over the past 20+ years in to practice, has been very satisfying. To not only train personnel in dealing with emergencies, but too watch everything just slot into place fills me with a huge sense of pride.

However, it’s been hard going the last few years.  2014 was our best year since the Company started, we were working at maximum capacity doing 60-hour weeks, but it all changed in 2015 when we suddenly found ourselves working well below capacity, which was a real shock to the system.  However, on a positive note, the downturn provided me with the time to return to university and attain my Law degree, an area I’ve always had an interest in and it’s relevant to the business.

There has certainly been a change in the demand for emergency response services since the price of oil plummeted and things may never return to the way they were, but we are always here for our clients and others should the worst happen.”

25 years in business is a significant achievement and one which Response Consultants plans to fully celebrate. We kicked off the year with a small get together for the staff, where presentations were made to long-serving staff members. An offer for new and existing clients will be launched at the end of January, with more events and opportunities planned throughout 2020.

On-call Evacuation Reception Service

Did you know if you have us on-call as your evacuation reception service our experienced representatives will mobilise hotels, buses, taxis, petty cash, etc. (all supported by service agreements)? The representatives can mobilise within the hour to one of the chosen hotels in Aberdeen and will provide frequent updates to your ER room.

Whether you are short of personnel or require the specialist option, give us a call on 01224 595111 or email


FEMA Certified ICS Responder

Following a week of intensive training at the largest fire training school in the USA, we’re proud to announce that our Managing Director has now been fully certified by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) as an ICS Responder (Incident Command System).

Claire has now completed ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 800 courses and plans to continue her training.

“I’ve been part of ICS exercises and been trained by our clients on their version of ICS for over 15 years, but it was time to learn the original basic principals from scratch. This way I am best placed to assist and advise our clients on possible approaches to ICS, especially when combined with my previous experience” Claire stated when asked why she felt the need for all of this training.

Response Consultants can now provide certified ICS training and exercises to companies utilising, or moving to, ICS.


On-Call HR Representative

We’re proud to announce our new on-call HR Representative service.  Response Consultants can now provide an HR Representative in your emergency response room, either as a permanent member of your team, or on an ad-hoc basis.

For more information, check out our On-Call page or give us a call on 01224 595111.


The Human Side of Emergencies – All-Energy 2019

For any company working in the renewables industry, the largest renewable and low carbon energy exhibition and conference is upon us next week.  The All-Energy 2019 opens on Wednesday 15 May and our Managing Director, Claire Forbes, is speaking at the event.  Over 250 exhibitors are confirmed, and more than 7,000 visitors attended last year.

“When the call for papers arrived in my inbox, I realised there was a lack of focus on ‘people’ in the topics chosen for the conference.  I hoped my abstract would change the organisers’ minds, and it worked.  I’m now presenting a paper on ‘the Human Side of Emergencies’ on the Wednesday afternoon” said Claire Forbes as she remembered how she received the invite to attend.

“I’m very much looking forward to meeting everyone who attends, and hope I can provide some food for thought.”


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