Our Incident Command System (ICS) training courses are based on years of experience in the North Sea and extensive training with FEMA, both online and in the USA

Incident Command System (ICS) was formed in the USA, with the model initially focusing on fighting the wildfires in California, but over time it has been adopted as the national model for all incidents. ICS is expandable, has a standardised hierarchy and is based on common terminology, which eliminates confusion and ensures Company and multi-agencies have a clear understanding of the lines of communication. ICS can be used to plan events, as well as responding to minor and major emergencies.

ICS 100 : An Introduction to the Incident Command System                                                  1/2 day course

ICS 100 is the foundation level course providing an overview of the history, features, principles and organisational structure of the Incident Command System.

This course should be completed by all IMT personnel.


ICS 200 : Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response                                               1/2 day course

ICS 200 provides an overview of the Incident Command System, its flexibility and the initial response to an incident, whilst focusing on personnel, their roles and resources. We also introduce the Planning ‘P’, Incident Action Plan (IAP) and ICS form 201.

This course should be completed by all IMT personnel.

ICS 300 : Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents                                                                     3 day course

ICS 300 provides training on the management of expanding incidents and the management processes. This includes a detailed overview of Command and General Staff positions, including other positions such as, Division/Group Supervisor and/or Unit Leader, which may be activated during an expanding incident which extends into multiple Operational Periods.

Furthermore, this course concentrates on the planning process and Incident Action Plan (IAP). More ICS forms are introduced, as are the different briefings and functions of the planning process.


ICS 400 : Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff                                                       2 day course

ICS 400 provides training on resources for personnel who require advanced knowledge of ICS. This course is aimed at senior emergency management personnel performing a function as part of the Incident Management Team during large, complex and major incidents.

ICS 100, 200 and 300 must be completed before applying for this course!

ICS Courses:

All ICS training courses are classroom-based, interactive and work through a variety of scenarios, developing Incident Action Plans (IAPs), populating ICS forms and mapping the ICS organisation. All attendees will receive a student manual and appropriate handouts, and will be required to complete a multiple-choice exam on the completion of each course.

ICS 100 and 200 can be delivered using the traditional ICS model or adapted to the client’s requirements, but 300 and 400 must be personalised to the client’s requirements.

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